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Township of Hamilton Historical Society - Mays Landing, New Jersey 08330

-Museum and Library- located at 49 Mill Street, Mays Landing, NJ 08330- 

Telephone: 609-909-0272  

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Help Sponsor the Twp of  Hamilton Historical Society this Fall 2008 and Winter 2009 with our Italian Hoagie Sale!

Simply purchase a ticket for $5.50 at one of these local merchants in Mays Landing:

Twp of Hamilton Historical Society Museum -49 Mill Street  909-0272

County Seat Florist - Main Street   625-3500

Diane's On Main - Main Street   625-6291

Main Street Hardware Store - Main Street  625-4941

(formerly Hand's Hardware)

Redeem your ticket for a great 1/2 half Italian Sub  at Sugar Hill Sub and Deli  625-0538

 (This is a fundraiser so your purchases on these tickets help the society, sorry no substitutions on the hoagie choice!)

This fundraiser is valid from October 25, 2008 through February 28, 2009


Museum Artifacts

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Click on the photos to enlarge, see the many other items on display at the museum! 

Mays Landing History in our current news:


   Who was John Underhill and how did he make his mark in Mays Landing History? 

        Here's  a story of John Underhill that appeared in Time Magazine November 9,  1925 


Sports Illustrated featured a large story on a local man who died for our country in the October 22nd 2007 issue

Bobby Gasko was his name and his impact on sports and the local area is featured in an article called "Two Athletes, Two Soldiers"

You can read the article here by clicking this link!



Here's some history of the Township of Hamilton:

George May built a shipyard and trading post near Babcock Creek in 1756

John Hamilton purchased land near May's property in 1756

 The Township of Hamilton was founded in 1813

Mays Landing, New Jersey became the Atlantic County seat 1837

A Cotton Mill was built at the present site of the old Wheaton Factory, Mill Street, Mays Landing in 1867

The Township of Hamilton Historical museum opened in 1996 at 'Little Red School House'

The original School House (now museum) opened in 1903 and was used by the school system until 1992

Mays Landing County Courthouse was built in 1838, it is still in use today! There have been reports that it is haunted!

The Weymouth Furnace area of Hamilton Township produced iron products starting around 1801,  and

it supplied munitions to the US Army for the War of 1812



Online Township of Hamilton History Photo Gallery


   The Union Cemetery of Mays Landing is now online! Click here to visit the site  


Visit the Mays Landing Merchants Association website here 


Important Museum Update: The Museum is closed from December 15, 2008 to January 31, 2009

New Museum Hours:     Open to the public, please come in to see our museum

Saturday afternoons from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm + Thursday evenings from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Special note: the museum needs volunteers to help around the museum! Call Dottie Kinsey to arrange...

Society Email address:  or visit the forums to interact with members and society board members!

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